The Society for Historical European Martial Arts Studies (SHEMAS) is a learned society dedicated to the promotion and support of research on Historical European Martial Arts. It aims to involve affiliated academic researchers, independent researchers, and expert practitioners worldwide.

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[December 2017] The Society for Historical European Martial Arts Studies is stepping down for a while

During an Executive Committee meeting in November we decided to take a step back in order to jump further in the future. The main factor behind this decision is the need for more resources and time to build this international organisation, and strengthen its ties to academic institutions. We are only shutting down the public interface of the website while restructuring and improving it.

We would like to thank the multiple researchers who showed interest and took time to fill out their portfolios. Please note that nothing will be lost. Please continue to register and feed the organisation with your achievements and research projects.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to be completed during the next academic semester. We are currently working on establishing the first achievements of the Society, including:

  • Offering an updatable, but already working bibliography for HEMA studies
  • Shaping and developing a platform for edition of sources meeting the highest academic standards
  • Organising international conferences in 2019 and 2020.
  • Preparing the submission of research projects to national and European scientific funding institutions.

If you care about this new organisation and its objectives, and would like to invest time in to helping build it, please do contact us (form below).

[September 2017] SHEMAS at the International Medieval Congress

SHEMAS will be hosting a panel at the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds in 2018. Details of the programme for the conference will be released shortly.

[May 2017] The Society has just been constituted!

Friday May 5, 2017, the Society has been constituted at the University of Burgundy, during the HEMA event of Dijon. A conference, roundtable and a wine reception were held, in front of an international audience composed of scholars and martial experts and practitioners. A review of the event with the tape of the round table focused on the state of research and future of HEMA studies is forthcoming.



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