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About the Board of Directors

The HEMA Alliance Board of Directors is currently made up of dedicated members of the HEMA community. However, within the leadership design of HEMAA the Board is intended to function as disinterested judges who oversee and ensure that the organization keeps to its mission and high standards. Therefore, the ideal Board member for HEMAA is a discerning and conscientious professional with some knowledge of our subject, but little participatory stake in our activities.

All of the current members of the Board are pledged to a search for new Directors, and updates on this search is a standing agenda item for all meetings of the Board. As the daily operations of The HEMA Alliance are delegated by the Board of Directors to the Governing Council, those with questions or issues that need to be addressed to the leadership should usually direct their communication to the Governing Council (GC).

The Board, however, is ready to respond to matters that are not appropriate for the Governing Council, whether because of a real or perceived conflict of interest with the GC, or an appeal regarding the actions of the GC. The Board is also happy to hear recommendations for future Directors.

Acting Directors:

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Secretary

  • Lisa Losito |


  • Benjamin Jarashow |

  • DJ Nero |

  • Kristen Argyle |

  • Sigmund Werndorf |