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Need help getting your HEMA event off to the right start?

The HEMA Alliance believes that events, from tournaments to workshops to exhibitions, are important to raising awareness of HEMA with the modern public. We offer support to events that align with our goals and promote HEMA as a legitimate set of martial arts to the public.The governing council votes on a support budget each year, and allocates funds based on availability and event need. Funds allocated are dependent upon remaining funds, as well as the need determined by the GC. Maximums are NOT guarantees. GC Reserves the right to provide additional funds above the annual budget.

Event Support Policy

The HEMA Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and thus has strict rules about how money may be used. Please review ARTICLE IX of the Bylaws for our policies. For more clarification or any questions, email gc@hemaalliance.com.

HEMAA event money should benefit the community/event as a whole and not individuals or small groups. For example, tournament rings benefit all participants but prizes only benefit the individuals/groups who win them. At a minimum, events must provide a discount to HEMAA members and list the HEMAA in their promotional materials. Additional or alternative requirements may be added at any time.

Events must submit a support request no later than 30 days before the event date. Requests submitted within 30 days of the event date will be dismissed, regardless of any other requirements being met (ex. giving discounts to HEMAA members does not guarantee you event support).

There is currently no hard limit on how many times an affiliate can ask for event support money per year, but HEMAA reserves the right to institute a limit if it appears that one affiliate is benefiting at the expense of others.

Once again, event support money must benefit the event as a whole.

  • Things that are probably okay: Venue, medical staff, t-shirts or other items given to all participants, tournament rings, tables, chairs, judging batons, scoreboard, loaner equipment, snack food and drinks that benefit everyone (sandwiches, pizzas, etc)

  • Things that are not okay: Prizes (benefit only the winners), paying for individuals to attend, or anything that would mean money going into the pockets of one individual versus the event as a whole.

Money does not have to be spent to the last dollar. If you are approved for $250 and only spend $70, that is okay!

HEMAA event support money can also not be used for increasing event scope and size. If your event will cost on average $3000 and your event is eligible for up to $3000 of HEMAA event support money, that does not mean your event is now a $6000 event. The HEMAA support money is only meant to support and help out an event. The HEMAA event support money should never be so vital that the event will fail without it. Event support is just that. Ultimately all events are to be self-sustaining and HEMAA Event support should not make or break an event.

You may purchase prizes or fly in an instructor with money raised specifically for the event, but not HEMAA event support money. You must be clear on all registration forms that entry fees are being used for these purposes, and that in the event of prizes, the registrant should have no expectation of winning any.

Important Information

The HEMAA Events policy determines how the Alliance recognizes an event and what services can be offered. The Alliance bylaws have two relevant clauses in regards to events.

Funds & Reimbursement

All receipts / invoices must be submitted no later than 60 days after the event, and may be denied if received after that period.

  • So, to rent a space for a tournament, The HEMAA cannot reimburse you the deposit, but can pay towards the invoice on the amount due.The HEMAA cannot reimburse an event for any deposits made, only on invoices to be paid or have been paid.

There are two methods for handling this - paying the invoice directly, or reimbursing the event on a invoice they have already paid. Get a receipt for everything, and make sure to email treasurer@hemaalliance.com with your receipts.

Sponsored Event Requirements

  • Sign the Sponsored Event Agreement

  • HEMAA Member Discount – Events who work with the HEMA Alliance as Sponsored/ Supported need to offer HEMA Alliance members a 10% or 10 dollar off (whichever is greater) discount on the total event price. For Sponsored Events, this would be for the entire registration period. For Supported events, the discount can be a limited time offer. This will encourage HEMAA members to go to the event.

  • HEMAA Member discounts must be in addition to any other discounts you are providing. If you are providing an early bird discount, then the HEMAA member discount must apply in addition to the early bird discount.

  • Meet the HEMAA bylaws in regards to events in that they are designed to be self-sustaining. To verify this a sponsored event must have open accounting books which are available to the Events GC member.Must have liability insurance for the event. Insurance can be provided privately or by the HEMAA.

  • A sponsored event must have a minimum of one HEMAA member as a planner. This member must be financially involved with the event, must have been a member of the HEMAA for at least one year, and will be the direct contact point for the Events GC member. The more HEMAA members involved in the planning and financing of an event, the more support the HEMAA will be willing to offer as a service to our members.

  • The size of a sponsored event will influence the support the HEMAA will be willing to offer.

  • Events and event-fees will be planned to be self-sustaining and not draw permanently on operating funds.

  • An event has to have planners, a location, a size, and meet the needs of the HEMA community.

  • The HEMAA does not recognize a flagship event.

  • The HEMAA can recognize an event as either Sponsored by or Supported by the Alliance. Sponsored events have more requirements but are granted preferential treatment and services.

  • Sponsored Event Services

  • The following services are not guaranteed to an event and will be determined by the financial means of the HEMAA at the time as well as the size of the event in question. Use of the title HEMA Alliance Sponsored Event, as well as the HEMA Alliance logos. Use of the forum to promote their event as well as our Facebook.

Examples of services:

  • Money for a service. Example: $75 to pay for Longpoint livestream in exchange for advertisement.

  • Subsidy for Banners Weapon Rentals

As the means and capacity of the HEMAA grows, the list of services will as well.

The GC would vote on approval of any expenditures. Requests for a service can be made to the Events GC member.

Supported Event Requirements

The event must have liability insurance. Insurance can be provided privately or by the HEMAA (link to our insurance page). The size of a sponsored event will influence the support the HEMAA will be willing to offer. Clubs using our provided Event Support are required to be US-based.

Supported Event Services

  • Use the title HEMAA Supported event, and can use the 'We Support the HEMA Alliance' logo.

  • Use of the forum to promote their event as well as our Facebook

  • Money for a service. EX: $75 to pay for Longpoint livestream in exchange for advertisement.

  • The GC would vote on approval of any expenditures.

Event Tiers

We use this system to determine the support potential for any given event. It is based on historical size of the event, past history with the organizer, and special circumstances that might promote HEMA in ways we never have before.

While we ask events to give us an approximation of what their tier level might be, the governing council has final say for any given event. Funds are not guaranteed.

  • Tier S: Max $3,000

Events that meet Tier 1 standards, plus demonstrate additional value to the HEMA community, not limited to region or club.

Examples of demonstrable value:

  • National TV show filming (not local news), including broadcasts of the event or subject matter show (ie a show on the history channel about ancient fighting systems).

  • Primary / significant subject of a documentary, with the potential for high visibility, ie NY Times.

  • Located in / promoted for larger scale attendance, with potential of 500+ audience members.

Participants in excess of 200.

  • Tier 1: Max $2,000

History of 80+ participants (not attendees).

Able to sustain itself for 3+ years.

Demonstrable costs in need of funding that are to improve the event (polo shirts for judges or improved rings), as opposed to just recouping costs.

  • Tier 2: Max $1,000

History of 50+ participants (not attendees).

Able to sustain itself for 2+ years.

Demonstrable need to recoup costs.

  • Tier 3: Max $500

20+ Participants.

At least 1 previous event was successful.

Demonstrable need to recoup costs.

  • Tier 4: Max $250

20+ Participants.

Demonstrable need to recoup costs (costs to be recouped should be declared).

Event Support Request 

Coordinating HEMAA Member
- Must be a HEMAA member in good standing for at least one year. - Must be financially involved in the event. - Will act as the point of contact between the general council and the event staff.
Event Info
Tell us what the event is for
City and State
Event Start Date
Why do you feel your event fits into the tier you've chosen?
Affiliate Run Event
Self Sustaining Event
By submitting this form, I acknowledge that any HEMAA sponsored event must eventually be self sustaining. The HEMAA will need access to the account books post event to verify how and where the event spent its money. If the event does not provide this information, the event will be ineligible for one year afterwards.
What will you use the money for? Examples: EMT's, rings, etc