HEMA Alliance

Financial Policies

Excerpt for Bylaws of the HEMA Alliance:

Financial Policies

Section 1 – Membership Dues Membership dues will not be used for equipment or events that primarily benefit a single region, club, or chapter. Local clubs and organizations are free to come up with their own dues structures for these purposes.

Section 2 – Events Events and event-fees will be planned to be self-sustaining and not draw permanently on operating funds.

Section 3 – Chapter Finance Chapters may raise and spend funds for their local purposes in any manner consistent with the bylaws and mission, including special chapter dues.

Section 4 – Chapter Property Money raised and property purchased by a chapter will remain in control of the chapter as long as the chapter remains in good standing.

Section 5 – Donor Intent Donations of property and/or money may be earmarked by the donor for any purpose or purposes consistent with the bylaws and mission. Such donations will be used in the manner intended by the donor, and will not otherwise affect allocation of funds.