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HEMAA Sponsors & Vendors

Interested in becoming an Alliance vendor? Are you a member who has questions about our vendors?

Vendor Discounts

The HEMAA partners with the top vendors in HEMA to provide our members with discounts.

Are you a vendor? If you're interested in the partnership program, email us gc@hemaalliance.com

Please note: The HEMA Alliance is an organization whose purpose is to serve our paying members of the Alliance. Becoming a HEMAA sponsored vendor does not serve as an endorsement by the Alliance, but rather an acknowledgement that a vendor wishes to provide goods and services to the HEMAA community members. It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide adequate customer service, and the responsibility of the consumer (members) to give patronage to the vendors of their choice.

Basic guidelines:

  1. Vendors are not required to be HEMA Alliance members.

  2. Vendors must be able to provide goods and services through user-friendly means (i.e. paper trail in the form of emails, forms, correspondence, etc.).

  3. Must accept reasonable payment methods (credit card, Paypal, money wiring, etc.).

  4. Vendors should have a reputation for “decent” customer service, though there is no precise metric for this quality.

  5. Vendors must follow US copyright laws. Websites can not contain copyrighted text or photos (acknowledging that there is no copyright on gear, clothing, etc.). Theft of intellectual property that is punishable by US law will not be tolerated and the HEMAA may discontinue agreement with vendors


The GC has been listening to our members...

We are rolling out a pilot program in order to collect data.

It has come to the attention of the GC that there has not been an ideal venue for our members to submit issues and concerns about our partner vendors, other than our Facebook group. In an attempt to collect data, we are rolling out a pilot form for individuals to complete instead of posting in the Facebook group.


If you are a HEMA Alliance member and have a significant complaint about a vendor that the HEMA Alliance has a partnership with, please fill out the form below. Not sure if the vendor you are dealing with is? Locate our links to the right. If the vendor you are having issues with is not one that we have a partnership with, follow up with productive discussion in one of our forums. We apologize, but will not be able to address any non-Alliance vendors at this time.

An example of a significant complaint is: paying a vendor and not receiving communication or product/services in the span of many months. An example of a non-significant complaint is: it is tournament season and the vendor did not respond to a vague email that was sent 3 days ago, or that the vendor has provided tracking information but something is still in transit. The form should only be filled out once per complaint. Only the data from the most recent complaint will be recorded. Names of customer service representatives and timestamp information of correspondence should be noted by the member filling a complaint. The GC will not reply directly to complaints. The primary goal of this questionaire is to collect data. Numerous customer complaints submitted from the HEMAA members may warrant the GC to reach out to the vendor to communicate that complaints have been escalated.