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Preparation for Your Certification

Preparing for Your Certification

For many applicants this process will be a formality for recognizing that the candidate has professionalism, knowledge, and skill well beyond the basic requirements for Instructor Certification.  Our concern with this type of candidate is that they not turn a valuable opportunity for self-examination and new goal-setting into a set of expectations that blows the IC out of proportion.  It's not a Master's Exam even if you want it to be, though we are happy to have candidates who want to impress the panel as a personal achievement.

For candidates who are using the IC as more of a growth-opportunity and personal benchmark, we want to help you with that process.

The first step is to take the Application as part of the process, not just a few hoops to jump through *before* the preparation starts.  Go over the application with your fellow instructors and training partners, and maybe even your students.  Your success is their success, and getting their help is not cheating.  In the same vein, please use the HEMA Alliance community and the general HEMA community.  We hope that we will not be the first people to see your qualification video.

Consider putting at least portions of your curriculum and videos online and asking to be "drilled" about them there.  The more you share your materials, the more and better feedback you will get.

In readying for your evaluation, understand that you will be scored on the following criteria:

* Your understanding of the history of your sources
* your body mechanics and ability to act with both intent and control
* your ability to instruct and convey information clearly and effectively
* your ability to fence in accordance with the curriculum you teach
* your overall presentation skills and clarity