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Member Resources

Members & Affiliate Documentation

This page will include links to all supporting documents that our affiliates and members should have access to at all times. If it isn't here and you need it, contact us! We'll send it over to you and then make sure the link is here.

As a member, you’ll also have access to a “Members-Only” forum where you can talk to other members.

Safety Policy & Waiver

All HEMAA Affiliate events must both follow our safety policy, as well as having all NON-HEMAA participants signing the HEMAA waiver.

Safety Policy

Order an additional insured certificate

If a venue that you are using requires them to be added to our insurance, you can do so. Just follow the instructions at the link: 

Additional Insured

Register Official activities

Events, Training nights, and demonstrations - if you want to be covered by your insurance, you must register your activities: 

Official Activities Registration

HEMAA Brand Guidelines and Content

To view our brand book or download a logo variation that works for you.

Browse our brand directory.

Intro Student Registration

Free of charge, you must register individual students in order for them to be insured during their introductory lessons.

Learn how to register students