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How to Apply

How to Apply for Instructor Certification

The application involves:

1.  Curriculum Outline

2.  Proof of FBI Criminal Background Check

3.  Proof of First-Aid Certification

4.  Qualification Video

The first 3 requirements should be self-explanatory.  Those with professional sports and martial arts teaching experience will recognize that the background check and first aid requirements are common professional expectations the absence of which would diminish the public value of our Instructor Certification.

The qualification video should provide a clear example of the applicant teaching at least one (preferably more) students. The video and audio should both be clear to the viewer, and the material should be consistent with the curriculum provided by the applicant. The video does not need to be long! A 3-5 minute video where it's easy to see and hear what's being taught and actions or drills are clearly shown is much more effective than a 20 minute video with a camera sitting on the grass where wind noise and feet make up the majority of the recognizable footage.

If you'd like more information on how to certify as an instructor, contact us at instructorcertification@hemaalliance.com

Apply for Certification

Describe yourself and your HEMA experience to date.
Can be youtube, vimeo, or any other video service.
Proof of background check
Proof of First Aid Certification
Proof of Written Curriculum