The Society for Historical European Martial Arts Studies (SHEMAS) is a learned society aiming at promoting and supporting research for Historical European Martial Arts studies. It reaches out to affiliated academic researcher, independent researcher and expert practitioner, worldwide.

You want to know more? Browse our FAQ or watch this presentation. A blog article is also available on Hroarr and you can listen to this podcast made by Alte Herren.

The Society aims to promote HEMA studies, by means of

  • a dedicated website
  • organising dedicated events (conferences, panels in congresses and workshops)
  • supporting research (grant proposal, institutional support).

See more about aims on our Mission Statement

The partner organisations ensure scientific visibility (Acta Periodica Duellatorum) and international outreach to the communities of practitioners (International Federation for Historical European Martial Arts).

What is the Society?

SHEMAS is a learned society (non-profit association based in Switzerland). Its organs are the General Assembly, the Executive Committee, the Scientific Committee, and the Advisory Committee. Members of SHEMAS are individuals with a track record of scientific publication, independent publication or research endeavours related to HEMA studies (these records are documented on a public portfolio provided by SHEMAS), or legal members (any organisation interested in the aims and goals of the Society, represented by a delegate).

The Statutes of the Society can be read here (enforced by the General Assembly, May 5, 2017).

Who’s behind the Society?

The General Assembly consists of all members of the Society.

The Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly. Currently, it is formed by:

Dr. Daniel Jaquet (University of Geneva), Dr. Sixt Wetzler (German Blade Museum, Solingen), Dr. Eric Burkart (University of Trier), Dr. Rainer Welle (independent), and Dr. Matthias Johannes Bauer (independent).

The Scientific Committee is composed of:

Currently being constituted under mandate of the Executive Committee (May 2017)

The Advisory Committee is composed of:

Currently being constituted under mandate of the Executive Committee (May 2017)

The Staff is composed of individual with reporting lines to the EC committee:

Webmaster: Dominique Le Coultre (University of Lausanne). Cashier: Vincent Deluz (University of Geneva). Community Manager: to be named (May 2017).

The actual commissions are listed below with their head and main objectives:

Information forthcoming