SHEMAS members are researchers. Membership implies an annual fee to cover administrative costs (see below), and is evaluated through track records once the portfolio is filled.

The application process is outlined in the chart below and starts with a registration here:

  1. Register here.
  2. You can then fill up your profile, including bio, publication and HEMA activities.
  3. Your profile will be reviewed and you’ll receive a notification of your membership status (affiliated researcher, independent published researcher, independent unpublished researcher, or student), based on your publication track record and affiliation.
  4. You can then pay your membership fee.
  5. You receive an notification of active membership, allowing you to benefit of SHEMAS features.


Who can be considered as a “researcher”?

As argued in this article the issue of definition and identification of the researcher status challenges the potential development of the field of research itself. It also concerns the eligibility towards funding schemes. The problem comes from status recognition and qualitative criteria for evaluation of the research. If the same term (research) is used for activities related to scholarly context and those of the communities of practitioners, the different researchers do not produce or share their research by the same channels. The different activities qualified as research do not pursue the same objectives, might or might not follow academic methods, and are addressed to different type of audiences. The expertise and qualitative criteria are also different (defined by academic institution versus not standardised in the communities of practitioners).

The organisations aiming at governing or supporting HEMA activities do not yet have set a framework for recognition of the researcher status within the communities of practitioners. Therefore, it is difficult to identify and to evaluate the researcher within those communities, especially if they do not publish or share their research.

SHEMAS distinguish the following status:

Status Affiliated researcher Independent published researcher Independent unpublished researcher Student
Description Has a main professional occupation related to research Has a main professional occupation unrelated to research Is currently registered as student in an academic institution
Affiliation Currently affiliated to an academic or patrimonial institution Currently not affiliated to an academic or patrimonial institution
Publication Physical or digital publication with peer-review Physical or digital publication without peer-review process Any or no publication
Education Master or higher (PhD) undefined ongoing

Remarks: Affiliation means that the academic or patrimonial employ the researcher. Students (bachelor, master, PhD) cannot be considered as affiliated, unless they are employed (might be the case for some PhD student with an academic position).

Only publication with peer-review process count as publication for the status of published researcher. Peer-review means an evaluation process of the publication by the publishing house or the journal itself (no internal or self-organised review by peers).

Nota bene. This distinction between types of researcher is not to be seen as quality-oriented. Each type of researcher may produce different kind of research, addressed to different audiences, aiming at different quality criteria.

Membership fee

The membership fee depends on your membership status. Below are listed the annual fee:

  • Affiliated researcher: 24.- Eur
  • Independent published or unpublished researcher: 12.- Eur
  • Student: 6.- Eur

These fees are relatively low (based on the calculation of 1.-/month for independent researcher). It covers administrative costs as SHEMAS is a non-profit association. Any donation is welcome if you would like to support more than the due membership fee.

Renewal of membership, resignation or suspension are ruled by the Statutes of the Society. Your payment is valid for the ongoing year (from one General Assembly to the next).

Nota Bene: any organisation interested in SHEMAS aims and goals can join as a legal member (represented by one delegate). If you represent such organisation and are interested of applying for membership on behalf of your organisation, please contact us. Legal membership annual fee is 50.- Eur.