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This page will be broken down into categories, which are into weapons, general, etc. The organization may change over time, but content will always remain. If there is a category missing, it is not that anything is being excluded. It may just be the case that no owner of that category of content has submitted a request to link to our page. If there is a page that covers many topics, only the top page will be linked to.

We have a simple take-down policy: if the content owner wishes the content to be removed, email us directly at gc@hemaalliance.com with the official request.

Please note: The HEMA Alliance is an organization whose purpose is to serve our paying members of the Alliance. Submission does not guarantee approval. Likewise, approval of links of authors or content providers does not serve as an endorsement by the Alliance, but rather a acknowledgement of the desire to benefit HEMAA community members. HEMAA sponsored, supported, and endorsed projects are highlighted on our https://www.hemaalliance.com/hemaa-supported-projects page.


  • TOTA

    • Traditions of the Ancestors (TOTA) was created to help people connect deeply with their own heritage, with cultures from across the globe, and with each other. We bring to life the wisdom, history, traditions, achievements, and stories of people and cultures from around the world.
      We have partnered with the HEMA Alliance to provide a central hub for the HEMA community and to consolidate the best content and discussions from across the community in one place.
      TOTA.world offers dynamic and powerful ways to connect with culture and with each other. HEMA practitioners can explore our free content library, create groups, start discussions, and create content.
      Our library of accurate, authentic, and engaging cultural content includes articles, recipes, daily life, family stories and primary sources, academic essays, historic voices from the past, travel journals, art, and specialty content such as traditional martial arts, cooking, fishing, sewing, etc.
      HEMA scholars can have robust discussions about complex topics. Discussions can be public or private, associated with a group or free-standing, and range from sharing club stories and recommendations to academic discourse. TOTA also hosts a forum designed by HEMA community leaders to give HEMA scholars a credible space to hold technical academic discussions.
      Clubs and study groups can start a free TOTA group to store their lesson plans, club documents, videos, rosters, and more, all backed up by Amazon Web Services. Club members can also start public or private discussions and share ideas and interpretations with others. Move your club from Facebook and establish a professional, clean, connected group to manage your users, start discussions, share your mission, and run your club.
      HEMA practitioners can post their content onto the TOTA platform and make it accessible to millions of readers specifically interested in culture. Together, we can bring that knowledge to people who might otherwise never find it. We have already partnered with and host content from community leaders like Kiana Shurkin, Charles Lin, Martian Fabian, Sean Franklin, James Clark, and others.
      Access to all information on the site is and will always be free. TOTA makes money through advertisements and subscriptions, which gives increased access to TOTA’s advanced social features. Contributors retain the copyrights to and ownership of their data and content. We are not interested in hiding knowledge behind paywalls.

  • Wiktenauer

    • Wiktenauer is an ongoing collaboration among researchers and practitioners from across the Western martial arts (WMA) community, seeking to collect all of the primary and secondary source literature that makes up the text of historical European martial arts (HEMA) research and to organize and present it in a scholarly but accessible format. The Wiktenauer project started in 2009, later receiving sponsorship from the HEMA Alliance.

  • HEMA Enthusiast

    • Collection of HEMA articles ranging from gear overviews, impressions of HEMA in general, and teaching guides.

  • Swordwind's YouTube

    • Swordwind's YouTube channel features interpretive and drilling videos for kunst des fechtens and Bolognese swordsmanship, covering longsword and sidesword topics, as well as sparring and cutting tournament footage from the Queen's Gambit tournament held in Charlotte, NC.

  • Ineffable Correspondence blog

    • An old blog by Ty Larson; it has a mix of topics that include websites to buy gear, Ty’s loadout with books and swords, and links to organizations and resources.

  • Squinting Rabbit Productions

    • Educational videos covering a wide range of HEMA and sword-related subjects.

  • Keith Farrell

    • A collection of resources (research, reviews, interviews, surveys, videos & blog articles) for the HEMA community. Updates with new material regularly.

  • Ense et Mente

    • Transcriptions and English translations of various original HEMA treatises.

  • Fallen Rook Publishing

    • A publishing house for books about HEMA and history in general. We have published study guides, translations, facsimiles, and anthologies of articles.

  • Esgrima Antigua

    • The first HEMA club/study group in the Caribbean under the name Esgrima Antigua e Histórica Puerto Rico. The channel includes videos from our earlier times, instructional videos in Spanish. The quality is not the best but it attest to our trajectory and commitment of the club.

  • Ensis Sub Caelo

    • General HEMA: quotes from historical sources, points of view on training and evolution of martial arts, application of physics to the study of weapons.

  • Weapon Dynamics Computer

    • Weapon Dynamics Computer: an online tool allowing for the transparent computation of the dynamic properties of hand-held weapons, swords in particular, from a standardized set of measurements. The tool computes numerical properties and also draws a graphical representation of certain aspects of the mass distribution.



  • Kollektiv des Messerfechtens

    • Kollektiv des Messerfechtens is a collective of HEMA practitioners exploring fencing with the Langes Meßer (long knife) through a variety of historical and contemporary contexts. LangesMesser.com is our blog, chronicling our studies and providing educational resources regarding practice, safety, and community.

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